We are a family-owned public adjusting firm (sometimes also referred to as "private adjusters") with more than 55 years of combined experience in the fields of public adjusting, law, construction, and engineering. First and foremost, we are experts...

Our Background

Legal/public adjusting


VIP Adjusting's founder started his career as an attorney, litigating denied claims, underpaid insurance claims, and bad faith claims handling related to Hurricane Wilma in Indian River, Saint Lucie and Martin Counties. He has since handled and overseen claims adjustment and litigation related to more than a thousand individual claims.

After receiving hundreds of referrals at various stages throughout the claim adjustment phase (often incomplete and requiring additional work to get the claim to the "finish line"), and upon the relocation of several family members to the great state of Florida, it was decided that the talents could be combined to offer a more comprehensive public adjusting service than is readily available in the market place today.



Our family knows construction. Our grandfather was a master craftsman who passed on knowledge of nearly each and every one of the various building trades to his sons, many of whom have gone on to specialize in those trades, and to perform construction services in all stages of building, from new construction, to rebuilding and restoration, to repair and maintenance. 

There's no aspect of building we haven't been involved with. That knowledge comes in handy when adjusting insurance claims, as insurance companies often send adjusters, known as "independent adjusters," despite the fact they work for the insurance company, who have little to no background in construction. If your insurance company does send someone with a background in construction, it's usually to provide a comparative review once a payment has already been made. Our background in construction will allow us to better discuss the scope and estimation of your damages to negotiate the best possible settlements.



We also have education, background, and experience in engineering. Sporting several college degrees related to science and engineering, as well as real world experience in the supervision of construction and related services, we also have experience in the drawing, design and implementation of plans on the residential and commercial levels, and at the large-scale level related to the design and building of infrastructure and entire cities.

Not only does this provide an additional boost to you when our services require evaluation in the proper methods of construction and repair for estimating purposes, but many times insurance companies employ the services of third-party engineers to assist them in determining the cause and origin of your loss. Our experience gives you the best chance at fighting a denial. If your claim is still denied, we will have put you in the best position to continue to pursue your claim with 

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