Despite all the advertising claiming that they're "good neighbors," that you're in "good hands"  or generally that they're in the business of paying your claim, most insurance companies are not, in-fact, focused on you, or your claim. In the early to mid 90's when the country was struck by several major disasters, many insurance companies went out of business. The ones that were left brought in outside consultants who simplified their business strategy to not only remain afloat, but boost profits.

If you can take in as much money as possible in premiums, and pay out as little as possible towards claims, you maximize profits at an insurance company. This simple business practice has affected millions of claimants and was the subject of an industry-renowned book, aptly titled Delay, Deny, Defend, by Jay Feinman. This book has become the de-facto insurance company playbook, resulting in denied and underpaid claims for almost everyone who makes a claim. After you've sufferedloss or damage to your home, you shouldn't have to be squeezed by your insurance company. Unfortunately, that's their business model...

In order to be paid fairly, you need to have competent representation who can help you jump through each one of the hoops required to get you a fair payment for your loss.

We are your good neighbor.

We are a family who are a part of the Treasure Coast community. We are homeowners. We are small business owners. We've had to deal with insurance companies for claims in our own homes. We've been there and done that, and we want to make sure you're taken care of throughout this difficult process. 

Our goal...

Our goal is to bring our experience in the legal, insurance, engineering and construction fields to put you in the best possible position to get the maximum amount for your insurance claim at the earliest point in time, so that you can proceed with your repairs and put this all behind you.